Marion Claire

The Speaking is Sexy Coach

As an international speaker with more than a dozen years of experience speaking to all kinds of audiences, I can say this is a truly useful collection of tips that can help any speaker rise to the next level. I've read many books for speakers and this is the one I'd use right before I go on stage or as I fly to my next engagement to remind me of the basics and to get a good, positive outlook thanks to its bite-sized chunks of wisdom.
Dan Janal , Publicity/Marketing/ Thought Leader, & President of

Dan Janal, Publicity/Marketing/
Thought Leader, & President of

The “Speaking is Sexy” Coach

Should you work with a speaker's coach?       

Whether you need to promote your products, lead a meeting, present at a conference, toast the bride and groom, introduce yourself to someone new, or shine anywhere, a personal coach can help you learn the skills you need to be a great speaker.

Improving  your speaking skills doesn't need to take a long time!

In just a few  sessions, my clients overcome their fears. They stop shivering, shaking, swallowing compulsively, feeling faint, worrying about forgetting a key point, making a mistake, or feeling   ridiculous and humiliated.           

They say these fears disappear more quickly than they thought possible, and they speak more confidently than they ever dreamed they would.

All you need is desire, knowledge, practice and experience:

  • Desire: Your commitment to be an accomplished speaker any time, anywhere.

  •  Knowledge: Knowing the tools of the trade, taking advantage of your natural talents, and employing trusted techniques to bring out your confidence and competence.

  •  Practice: Rehearsing your presentations in advance.

  • Experience: Improving your skills each time you speak, building your confidence to feel comfortable in front of any audience.

With me as your coach, you'll learn the secrets that great presenters use and be able to apply these techniques in any situation, from one-on-one conversations to groups of 5, 50, 500 or 5,000:

  • Take control of the moment: establish your presence and authority

  • Make yourself feel confident and comfortable wherever you are

  • Focus on your message so the audience will focus on you
  • Separate what you do from who you are

  • Make the audience root for you and want you to succeed

  • Communicate your enthusiasm and passion so the audience catches them
  • Tailor your presentation to each particular group or situation

  • Give your audience more than they expected, so they'll want to see you again.