I have a whole new mindset about getting up to speak after reading Marion’s book. I was quite nervous before, but she showed me another way of looking at the audience which made me feel much more confident. And I liked the way the Speaking Tips reinforce the advice in every chapter. It’s a terrific book and it really helped me.
— Larry Freedman, Dynamic Nursing Service
My job revolves around communication. Whether it’s introducing myself in a crowd, public speaking, delivering good news or bad, my ability to convey information clearly and confidently is what leads to a trusting relationship with my clients. With Marion’s practical instruction, she taught me how organize my thoughts and speak from the heart. A few new techniques and my confidence and competence have increased dramatically. I can highly recommend Marion - she’s a gifted speaking coach!
— Lorraine Greig, Financial Advisor

Public Speaking was terrifying to me AND necessary to my business. Within a short time of working with Marion, my fears subsided and my confidence grew. With her program and knowledge, I am able to speak publicly for the first time. She gave me the tools necessary to make this painless and even FUN! I learned a lot and feel so much better about myself in general. Thank you so much, Marion.
— Jennie S. Crowley, Chef Eric's Culinary Classrom

“After working with Marion Claire, my fear of speaking in front of a group of people is practically gone. I still get a few pre-speech butterflies, which Marion assures me are totally normal, but my former severe anxiety has disappeared. Marion taught me simple techniques to release my pre-speech tension and build up my confidence. Her knowledge and easy-going manner make her very easy to work with. She’s the real deal and I’m happy to recommend her.”
— David Feldman, CPA. www.feldover.com