Marion Claire

The Speaking is Sexy Coach

Marion Claire knows exactly how to pinpoint the area a speaker needs to master in order to deliver a compelling speech. She's clear, direct, and knows how to make you accountable without making you 'wrong'. I highly recommend her writings. She's a wonderful coach.

Maria Gobetti  Actress/Director/Coach,  The Victory Theatre Center

Maria Gobetti


The Victory Theatre Center


About Marion

Marion Claire’s specialty is helping you lose your fear of speaking in public while improving and enhancing your presentation skills.

Marion coaches management executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and all others who want to improve their platform poise, technique, and comfort level in front of large and small audiences.   

Winner of speaking competitions at and a workshop presenter at So. California community colleges, she has trained clients and entertained groups from California to Israel. 

Originally a TV comedy writer and co-creator of the "The Love Boat" television series, Marion served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association. 

Need a personal speechwriter? Marion will help you write your speeches for business occasions, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, eulogies, birthday and anniversary celebrations or any other occasion.

Marion has a unique understanding of the fear that comes with performing in front of an audience.   For many years she suffered from agoraphobia which, among other symptoms, made her too fearful to give a speech or make a presentation.   

She is now fully recovered and speaks and coaches from personal experience on overcoming anxiety while maintaining a successful career.



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